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recuit3 is dedicated to finding talented and ambitious people to work in the third sector in Wales, and help people to find jobs that make a real difference to people’s lives.

The third sector in Wales is made up of around 33,000 organisations, including charities, voluntary groups, community groups and social enterprises, and is estimated to be worth some £3.7bn to the Welsh economy.

It offers competitive salaries, flexible hours and a full spectrum of jobs from a huge variety of causes - from admin assistant positions, carers and fundraisers, through to senior management and beyond.

recruit3 helps you find the job that’s right for you by searching within different third sector fields, such as mental health, animal welfare, or environmental issues, or filter your search by location, contract type and job role.

You can also sign up to receive personalised job alerts and find out straight away when recruit3 has the perfect match for you!

You’ll also find recruit3’s jobs in Network Jobs, which is circulated throughout the third sector in Wales, and in The Big Issue Cymru.

recruit3 is developed in Wales in association with WCVA and The Big Issue Cymru.